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Welcome to English 2010 – Fall Semester 2011

And, welcome to my class.

This will be a tough semester, but I know that if you apply yourself, learn from your mistakes, and rewrite often, that you will be better prepared for college-level writing and researching. I also work on preparing you a bit for life outside the “hallowed four walls of academia” so that you know about your future (or, potentially, current) job.

Good luck!

Your final exam is your portfolio and your oral presentation. SO, that is what we’ll be doing on Monday. The exam time is the exact same time as our class time.

You’ll turn in both the hardcopy and the electronic portfolios on Monday, at the start of class. The electronic version can be emailed before class or brought to class on a CD or thumbdrive. If you have any sources to turn in, make sure you bring them with you and put them in a manilla envelope (with your name and class written on the outside).

Bring a pen and any presentation review sheets you still have so you can turn those in as well after all the presentations are completed.

Good luck on your revisions!

See you in class.


Class for Apr. 20
April 19th, 2011 by Garrett in Final Portfolio,Oral Report || No Comments ||

We’ll be continuing the oral presentations for the final regular class day. I will have all the papers done by the start of class and I will also have grade printouts for everyone.

Make sure to bring a pen and paper with you to class. You won’t need to bring your textbooks, though.

Also, as per Tom’s request, here is the reminder about the final portfolio:

  • You do NOT need to include the previous cover letters in the document with the drafts (although I won’t mark you down if you do include them).
  • You DO need to include a new cover letter in a separate document that tells what you changed (or didn’t) and why. You need a separate cover letter for each of the papers.

Wednesday is our last regular class day and Monday the 25th is the day of the final. We’ll be meeting during regular class time on Monday for our “final” (which is just the oral presentations and the final portfolio).

You should be working on getting your oral presentations ready to go.

You should also be revising and/or editing your drafts for the final portfolio.

Since we only got to watch part of this in section 604 (and not at all in 601), here is the link to a presentation that I think was well done. There are definitely problems, but overall I think she portrayed the technical information in an informative and interesting way.

Also, a reminder that there are sample Reflective Essay letters on our class’s Blackboard. Make sure to check them out to see some good examples of what I am expecting (they are all pretty good, even if the C student’s doesn’t follow the letter formatting requirement).

Final Paper Due
April 8th, 2011 by Garrett in Classical Argument || No Comments ||

Your Researched Argument paper is due by 11:59pm tonight.

You should email me the following:

  • 8 PDFs of your articles (minus any printed versions you turned in to me – if you forgot to turn it in, do so on Monday). Make sure to put your name in the file name of each one.
  • Teacher Review Sheet for Researched Argument paper. Download it from 2020 Handouts and put your name in the file name.
  • Teacher Draft document (it should have the teacher draft and then your peer draft in the same document).

On Monday, bring your cover letter with you to class to turn in (remember, it is supposed to be printed and signed).

Keep working on your Researched Argument papers. Remember, they are due by 11:59pm on Friday. If I get it after that time, there is a good chance that I won’t be able to review it and get it back to you before the last day of class.

For Monday, read the assigned pages in DK handbook (for the old version it is pages 232-233 and 304-305).

We’ll be going over the oral presentations and your portfolios.

You’ll also need to comment on this post and put a link to some sort of video presentation. It could be someone teaching something, or just presenting something. I would prefer that it be something related to something we’ve learned in this class or to your research topic. It would also help if you gave a little info about where the link is going so people know before clicking on it.

The videos can come from any source, but here are a few good sites for searching:

Class for Apr. 4
March 31st, 2011 by Garrett in Announcements,Classical Argument || 4 Comments ||

For Monday’s class, make sure to get all your peer reviews done. If someone in your group didn’t send their paper by midnight last night, you are not obligated to review it. However, I am sure that they would be greatly appreciative if you are able to make the time for it.

Bring the peer review sheets and be ready to discuss each other’s papers.

After the peer reviews, I’ll meet with the students who signed up for conferences. The rest of you can go work on your papers.

The syllabus says that the teacher draft is due on Wednesday, the 6th. I’m going to move that date to Friday, April 8th. It will give you more time to work on them and me more time to get through all the revision drafts.

Class for Mar. 30
March 29th, 2011 by Garrett in Announcements || No Comments ||

Only those who signed up to come need to appear for class. Come at the time you signed up for.

Make sure you send out your peer draft and sources to your reviewers by Wednesday evening.

Any paper revisions that you want me to look at are also due by Wednesday evening. Make sure to include a cover letter, source or sources, and the revised draft with the teacher review sheet I filled out, teacher draft, and peer draft also included in that same document.

Add your comments to this post. Give an example of bad grammar and then explain why it is bad.

It can be a mistake from your own papers, something you’ve seen somewhere, or something you make up.

Also, feel free to comment on other people’s comments (especially if you haven’t done all 5 peer comments yet).

Class for Mar. 28
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For Monday, do the following:

Review the grammar stuff in DK Handbook (you know, in case you have a quiz or something where you have to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it).

DK (old) 248-299, 464-623

DK (new) 220-259, 276-288, 449-593

In the post about grammar (to be posted next), give one example of bad grammar and then explain why it is bad.